Sustain the protection of the monarch butterfly during the winter

The monarch butterflies need the pine-oyamel forest to overwinter

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In recent decades the pine-oyamel forests of Michoacán, Mexico, where the monarch butterfly overwinters, have been cleared and degraded at an alarming rate for timber extraction, conversion to farmland, and domestic wood harvest. The native trees are even being cut illegally within the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve. The severe loss of forest cover decreases the monarch butterflies' overwintering area and changes the micro-climate patterns that are ideal for the reproduction and survival of these amazing butterflies and several endemic species found in the area.

Forests for Monarchs ensures the long-term survival of the iconic, migratory monarch butterfly by helping restore the forest in and around the Reserve. With your help, Forests for Monarchs can keep restoring many more acres of degraded land with native forest trees so future generations of children can enjoy the beautiful monarch butterflies!