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Help protect the threatened Monarch Butterfly

Through reforestation we can aid in the long-term survival of the monarch.

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We are raising funds to protect an important pollinator

The monarch butterfly has one of, if not the, most complex migrations of any insect. Monarchs travel thousands of miles every year across North America and have become a symbol for countless communities. From being the state insect of six U.S. states, the symbol of the state of Michoacán and classroom favorite of elementary schools across the U.S., the monarch is one famous insect.

Today, the old growth forests that the monarchs depend on, constantly face pressure from storms to clearcutting. In order to maintain the current population size, what is left of the old growth forests must stay protected.

That is why Forests for Monarchs is working with communities and landowners to reforest their land back to its original state. Reforesting in and around the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve area is crucial for the long-term survival of the monarch butterfly.

Since our founding in 2007, thanks to supporters like yourself, we’ve been able to plant over 9 million trees and restore over 12,000 acres in and around the Biosphere and Highland Lakes watershed.